Milner Photography

Hicks' photography is a culmination of 30 years of extensive experience of capturing children, sports, families and their lives. Hicks' talent for capturing the moment and mood for a client stops time. His wonderful portraits allow these lifetime memories never to fade. His extensive travel makes him a natural to capture the beauty and feelings of his surroundings. His intensive training has taken him all over the world and to exotic locales. Places of interest include behind the scenes of NASA, the Serengeti of Africa, Hunting in Central America, the rainforests of Panama, Chateaus of Europe, the islands of the Bahamas, and the wildlife of the Everglades. Hicks has photographed golfers in Ireland and at the top courses in the world, as well as children excelling in sports across the southeast.

For an opportunity to experience this photographer, please schedule an appointment today. Many clients schedule Hicks throughout the year to photograph their families during vacations and important destinations. Please call @ 404-364-0770 to inquire about his travel schedule and availability.

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